Southwest Ontario District Union

Southwest Ontario District Union (SODU) Report

To the 2013 Ontario Branch Convention

After two years of discussion and preparation the District Union was born on November 6, 2011 at a meeting in Hamilton, Ontario. At the meeting it was decided to split Faith Circle into two separate Circles, which would continue to have very close ties through friendships in the memberships and through joint participation in many fund-raising and social events. In demonstration of the continuing closeness of the two Circles both chose to keep “Faith” in their respective names. Basically the people most associated with urban life and mostly living in the Greater Toronto Area became Faith Circle EAST. People who were mostly living a rural life-style and living in the Niagara, Brantford and New Hamburg areas became Faith circle WEST. In addition to geographic location, and the life-style character of that location, other factors were: a) our meetings were getting near to capacity for people to accommodate in individual’s homes; b) the desire to limit the distance in Winter driving to attend meetings; c) the sense that smaller groups would foster closer personal ties, especially for personal sharing; and d) the hope that smaller Circles could more easily expand and add new members than one large Circle. Each Circle then elected its own executive and the District Union elected an executive.  Although we expected to continue the fairly rapid numerical growth we have seen in the last decade, in 2011-2012 the District lost 6 members (due to health and employment and university attendance reasons) but we also gained 6 new members, so we broke even. In 2012 SODU has held several joint meetings of the full membership of the two Circles. We have continued to prepare for these meetings by on that day first attending a member’s church and then meeting to set the spiritual tone for the meeting. We have also continued joint fund-raising activities. Some of our charitable activities include: supporting two African children through Plan Canada. One of our children comes from Senegal. In 2011 the second child, who lived in Kenya, was hit and killed by a speeding motorist. In due course, we selected as a second child a child from Zambia. In 2011-2012 our District collected about 50 pairs of eyeglasses for several vision missions abroad. In 2012 we also held our third walk to raise money for the Hamilton-Halton Alzheimer’s society. Each July a group of SODU members spend a week together at Chautauqua; we stay at the Hotel Lenhart in Bemus Point and would welcome other KDS members to join us, if you are free to come in the month of July. Finally, our members serve on the International Order of The KDS Board, the Ontario Executive and the Chautauqua Chapter executive.

Respectfully submitted by Heather Whitehouse, President, Southwest Ontario District Union

District Meeting

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As you know we had our June meeting in Toronto.

We just had a district meeting this past Saturday.

And we will be having our next meeting at Noon, on Saturday, October 25th at the home of Ralph Snyder and Diane Fleming in Ridgeway, Ontario.

[Well we really do get around meeing in different towns in Southwest Ontario. That is our intent!]

Faith Circle Meeting

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Dear Faith Circle friends in Christ,

I am quite excited about our up-coming early Fall meeting, and looking forward to seeing you, at our (Bruce, Heather and Caroline) home on Saturday, September 6th. Beginning at Noon.

We live at 1309 McNab Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake. If anyone needs driving instructions and can’t find them on MapQuest or similar, just email us or phone us at (905) 937-9191.

We will be sharing a pot-luck lunch together. Followed by a meeting and social time. 0ur home will provide the basic course, which will be either fried chicken or burgers and all of the condiments, etc.

ASAP please let me know whether you will be able to attend. You may also bring a friend along. Please also let me know what sort of food item you would like to bring, such as a salad, a side dish, beverages, a desert, etc.

Till we gather at the stream(we don’t have a river) that runs through our property, on Saturday, Sept 6th , may the Lord keep you and bless you.

South West District Union Barbecue Meeting

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Dear Faith Circles Friends
We will be gathering together at Noon on Saturday, June 28 at Michael Salfi’s home for our last Spring barbecue and meeting. I anticipate and hope that one or two new people, Wayne Beamer and Gloria Stafford will be joining us and so this will be a great time to get to know these folks and to tell them a bit about who we are as individuals and what activities we pursue as we try to make a small Christian contribution to the welfare of our neighbours. As well, as socialising and business , there is always a faith component at all of our functions.

Michael tells me that he will provide and BBQ the hamburgers. I would ask that you contact both him and myself so that we know who is able to attend and what food/drink contribution you are able to bring to this pot-luck event.
Also remember you can bring books or tapes that you have read/heard and enjoyed but now are willing to share with others for a “toonie” with proceeds to our local bank account to be used for charitable purposes. We are also collecting eyeglasses that you no longer need or have collected at your local church to be given to the Christian Blind Mission or similar.
As well, Christine has asked people to consider bringing new (or gently used) children’s books which will be gathered and given to a community centre or similar in support of our KDS literacy project. In most towns there are inexpensive book depots or second-hand book shoppes, where you can pick up books for a couple of dollars that you can bring along.

Till I see you wishing you a lovely couple of weeks and good health.
Blessings In His Name,

Heather Whitehouse

SWODU Pictures

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Vivian Wiens is welcomed as a new members of The King's Daughters and Sons by Southwest Ontario District Union President/Faith Circle West President Heather Whitehouse with Faith Circle West member, Joan Armstrong .

Vivian Wiens is welcomed as a new members of The King’s Daughters and Sons by Southwest Ontario District Union President/Faith Circle West President Heather Whitehouse with Faith Circle West member, Joan Armstrong .

Southwest Ontario District Union's May 4, 2013 meeting included a Walk for MS.

Southwest Ontario District Union’s May 4, 2013 meeting included a Walk for MS.

Southwest District Summer Meeting

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Dear KDS Friends,

This is to remind you that the Southwest District of Ontario Branch, KDS  is having an end of Summer meeting and a pot luck lunch on Saturday,  Sept 7th beginning at Noon at Vivian Wiens home. Vivian lives at 23 Rose Glen Crescent, Virgil (which is actually a part of the Town of Niagara on the Lake, i.e NOTL) In addition to  updates re projects and planning new activities, there will be informal group worship, intercessory prayer and  a good chance to socialise and get caught up on each others.

Vivian graciously advises that she will provide paper products and cutlery, as well as hot and cold drinks, rolls and butter etc. I will be appreciated if each of you can make other some kind of food contribution
such as, say, cold cuts, cold salads or deserts.

As to driving directions I will assume that most of you who have ever been to the Shaw Festival or to the town town of NOTL via the QEW to Highway 55. If you do not please see Map Quest.
Here are the instructions from Highway 55:
1. Take Hwy 55 towards the Old Town of NOTL
2. As you are passing thru the hamlet of Virgil you reach Line 1. At Line 1 turn right (i.e. go east).
3. In one short block you get to Casselman Drive. Turn right on to Casselman and go one short block run into to Loretta Drive.
4. Tuen right onto Loretta Drive and continue till you reach #57 Loretta Drive. .
5. There is a roadway there (Glen Rose Cres. Turn left on to Rose Glen Cres.
6. public parking is available by 23 Rose Glen Cres.
If you do get lost just call Vivian at  905-468-7689.

East/West Faith Circle Meeting

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Dear Friends,

On June 23 we had a lovely meeting in New Hamburg and  we formally “pinned” our newest member Vivian Wiens and welcoming her into our Order. It was a splendid day with a good turnout of 9 members present.
We all attended St. George’s Anglican church for worship and communion. and then had our meeting and pot-luck luncheon and the church’s pastor, the Rev. Margret Walker,  joined us for the entire time. That was a pleasure.

Our next meetings will be in the Autumn.  Dates have now been finalised.
The first meeting is on SATURDAY, Sept. 7th at Vivian Wiens’ home.
The second will be on SUNDAY, Oct 27th at Sandra McCarl’s church in Hamilton.
Please save the days! (further details to follow closer to the time)

A group of us from both Faith Circles East and West will be at Chautauqua for 8 days, July 1-8. Anyone else is cordially welcome to join us.
Have a wonderful Summer.