Meals on Wheels

19( Formerly The King’s Daughters Dinner Wagon)

This Meals-On-Wheels service has been a tradition of compassion in central Ottawa for more than 40 years. It was called The King’s Daughters Dinner Wagon because it was started by members. Back in 1968, the Dinner Wagon served 29 meals a week to 15 people at a cost of 75 cents a meal. In 2010, a total 115,234 hot and frozen meals were served to 1303 clients. Meals are delivered to eligible residents thanks to the time and commitment of almost 500 volunteers.

The King’s Daughters Dinner Wagon is now managed by a community based Board of Directors, five of whom are members of the Ottawa City Union. Funding comes from municipal and provincial governments, donors and client fees, as well as an annual donation from the Ottawa City Union. The service provides far more than nourishment – delivering love, hope and independence as well.
Telephone: (613) 233-242410