May 7, 2017

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Heads I Win

Heads I Win

“The things which are done in secret are things that people are ashamed of; but anything exposed to the light will be illuminated and anything illuminated will turn into light(Eph. 5:12-14 italics added)

“Our courteous Lord does not want his servants to despair because they fall often and grievously, for our falling does not hinder Him in loving us(Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love)

My friends, Satan has set a “head’s I win, tails you lose” type of trap for us and we keep falling into it! On the one hand, because we don’t want people to really see who we feel we are, publicly, we present a false self in which we pretend to be honest, hard-working, and happy people; but as a result of this deception- if we still know right from wrong- we often despise ourselves. On the other hand, internally, we often feel we are unacceptable and un-loveable to others and to God. Satan’s greatest psychological weapon is our own gut-level feelings of inferiority, less-than- others; sense of inadequacy; and low self-esteem. We are called to a life of transformation and spiritual journeying and growth. However, self-rejection is itself a sin against godly development because it stops these life-giving processes. As I affirm the truth that we have all sinned and turned astray, I think of my own life and I smile to myself, for I identify with Mae West (an early 20th c. actress) who said, “I used to be Snow White — but I drifted.” It is important to remember that as we name and recall our mis-deeds and name our lowly self-perceptions God forgives our shameful deeds and turns them and us into light and raises up our self- perceptions giving us new life.

Bible Study Discussion Questions:

  1. As God was walking in the Garden He called to the man asking, “Where are you?” and Adam answered, “I heard You in the Garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.” (Gen. 3:9-10) Notice that the serpent is associated with that tree; the serpent is not associated with the Tree of Life. Do you think that eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil led Adam and Eve away from the Tree of Life?
  2. Do you think that our tendency towards having low self-esteem is in some sense connected to this act of Adam and Eve? Have there been times when we have passively allowed evil to take root in us? When and why did we allow this?
  3. Do you truly believe that God wants to rescue us from the traps that Satan sets? And do you know that “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Joel 2:23; Romans 10:13), provided that they repent and turn away from sin?

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