Ontario Branch

KDS 2013 Organization Chart


The King's Daughters and Sons 2013 Organization Chart

The King’s Daughters and Sons 2013 Organization Chart


Updated April, 2015



Members of the Ontario Branch of the International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons, realizing that organization in the province will enable them to carry out more effectually the principles and work of the Order, agree to adopt the following Constitution and By-Laws.


The organization is a registered charity and shall be called the Ontario Branch of the International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons.

  • Sec. 1. The objects of the Order shall be the development of spiritual life and the stimulation of Christian activities.
  • Sec. 2. The object of this Branch is to promote unity among its members, that they may carry out the aims and purposes of the Order more fully than would otherwise be possible.
  • Sec. 1. Any person may become a member of the International Order whose aims and purposes are in accord with its objects, and who holds herself or himself responsible to The King, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    Sec. 2. All enrolled members of the Order of the Ontario Branch who have paid International and Branch fees in full are hereby constituted members of this Branch. All members of the International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons will support the objects, aims, and policies of the Branch.
    Sec. 3. The Ontario Branch will organize periodic installation services for new members as required.

The badge of membership for the Ontario Branch shall be that of the International Order, a silver Maltese cross with or without a purple ribbon, bearing the letters I.H.N. on one side and the word “Seal” and the date, 1886, on the other,



  • Sec. 1. The officers of this Branch shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. No officer shall occupy any one office for a term exceeding four years.
  • Sec. 2. Should the Nominating Committee be unable to secure a nomination of an incumbent who has completed the four year term, then said incumbent, if willing, may be nominated for up to two additional two year terms.


There may be the following departments:      Around the World, Health Careers, Student Ministry, Junior and Chautauqua. The following shall be appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee: Director of the Around the World Department, Director of Student Ministry, Junior Director, and Historian.

  •  Sec. 1.     All members shall pay an annual fee to the Treasurer of the Circle, who shall forward it to the Treasurer of the Branch. The annual fee shall be established by the Executive Committee in the year where there is no Branch Convention and by the Branch Convention in the year that one is held. Life members shall pay the annual fee to the Treasurer of the Circle to which they belong.
  • Sec. 2.     Members at large shall pay the Ontario Branch (senior and junior) fees directly to the Branch Treasurer.
  • Sec. 3.     Each Circle Treasurer shall forward to the Ontario Branch Treasurer by November 15th of each year its members’ annual fees, together with a Branch Circle fee for the International Order. Each Circle Treasurer shall include an up-to-date listing of members of the Circle along with the fees.
  • Sec. 1.     This Branch shall hold a Convention every second year. The Branch shall adopt as its fiscal year, October 1 to September 30. All reports shall cover the period from Convention to Convention.
  • Sec. 2.     The Executive Committee shall meet regularly during the year with a minimum of two meetings during that time (both Convention year and non Convention year). The Executive Committee will meet prior to and immediately following the Branch Convention. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of a majority of Committee members at that time. The quorum will be established at the Post Convention meeting.
  • Sec. 3.     Special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the President or by request of any two executive committee members.
  • Sec. 1.All members in good standing are eligible to attend and participate in the convention.
  • Sec. 2.Every member in good standing, attending the convention shall be entitled to one vote.
  • Sec. 3.Members must be present to vote.

Any member in good standing shall be eligible to become an Ontario Branch Life Member, receiving a bar and certificate. Expenses incurred for jewellery and the engraving are to be paid for by the Branch. Circles are encouraged to honour their members in this way, to support the Ontario Scholarship Fund. The Branch Convention shall set the fee for such membership.

  • Sec. 1.     A Nominating Committee shall present nominations for elected Branch Officers to the Biennial Convention. Nominations may also be made from the floor with the consent of the nominee. Such nominations shall be presented at one session and voted on at a later session. Where there are two or more nominees for an office, voting will be done by ballot.
  • Sec. 2.The Ontario Circles shall conform to the Order of Constitution as carried out in Branch election.

There shall be the following standing committees:     Executive, Nominating and By-laws. The Biennial Convention of the Branch and the Executive Committee shall have power to add additional ad hoc committees as the work of the Convention or of the Branch may require.

  • Sec. 1.     Circles – Members of the Ontario Branch may form Circles. Circles shall have full power to elect their own officers and choose and carry on their own work, after fulfilling Order obligations. They shall make a biennial report to the Branch Convention. Members upon joining a Circle undertake to participate in and fully support Circle activities.
  • Sec. 2.     City Unions – When the Circles of the city or district desire a united organization, members of the Order delegated by the Branch President to perform the work of the organization may organize City or District Unions. Members by joining a Circle undertake to support the objects, aims and projects of the City or District Union. The president of the City or District Unionshall make a biennial report to the Branch Convention.

With the approval of the President, the Treasurer shall be responsible to select a competent person to review the books at the end of the fiscal year. A copy of the reviewed Financial Statements shall be submitted to the Convention.

  • Sec. 1.     Section 1 of Article II and Section 1 of Article III shall forever remain exempt from amendment. See Articles II, II and IV of the Constitution of the International Order.
  • Sec. 2.     All other articles may be amended at any Branch Convention by a two-thirds vote of the members present who are in good standing, the said amendments having been clearly announced and understood and a notice of motion having been given at some previous session of the Convention.
  • Sec. 1.     The Branch President shall have general supervision of the work and shall be, ex-officio, a member of all City Unions and Circles of the Ontario Branch. The President shall preside at the Branch Convention, unless relieved from that duty by a majority vote of that body. In case of a tie vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote. The President shall sign legal documents and ratify payment of bills by the Treasurer. The President shall make the final decision in the choice of Ontario Branch scholarship students. In accordance with the by-laws of the International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons, the Branch President shall attend meetings of Central Council and the General Convention and present reports regarding the activities of the Ontario Branch to these bodies as requested.
  • Sec. 2.     The First Vice-President shall serve as Director of the Spiritual Life Department and Branch Chaplain seeking to further the spiritual life of the membership through prayer, Bible study and emphasis on the aims and objects of the Order. This officer shall forward to the Circles devotions, meditations and suggested reading materials. This officer shall plan worship services for the Branch Convention and organize the annual church service for a Sunday in November. This officer shall submit a biennial report to the Branch Convention.
  • Sec. 3.     The Second Vice-President shall be the Director of the Chautauqua, Health Careers and Student Ministry Departments. The Director shall regularly communicate with the International Directors of the Chautauqua, Health Careers and Student Ministry Departments, be knowledgeable of the programmes being offered, encourage members of Circles to seek young people who would be suitable Chautauqua applicants and maintain contact with the Chautauqua students to stimulate their interest in Branch and Circle work. The Director shall also keep a record of the Chautauqua students who represent us from the Branch. The Second Vice-President shall also be the Director of Branch Scholarships and shall encourage and assist deserving students who have been accepted or are enrolled in an accredited institution for training in health careers and student ministry and promote interest throughout the Circles in the scholarships available throughout the Circles. This Director shall submit a biennial report to the Branch Convention.
  • Sec. 4.     The Third Vice-President shall be responsible for the development of membership, public relations, support of new and existing circles and communications to members and Circles. This officer shall assume the duties of he President when necessary. This officer shall submit a biennial report to the Branch Convention.
  • Sec. 5.     The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the meetings of the Executive Committee of the Branch and those of the Biennial Convention. The Secretary will also be responsible for Branch correspondence as directed by the President. The Secretary shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of the annual report of the Branch.
  • Sec. 6.     The Treasurer shall have charge of all monies of the Branch and shall pay all bills that have been approved by the President. The Treasurer shall forward the appropriate funds to the International Headquarters. The Treasurer shall keep a record of receipts and disbursements and render a report to the President on request, and to the Branch Convention. The Treasurer shall order form Headquarters the literature and other supplies of the Order, distribution these in the province as the work of the Branch may demand. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date membership listing and record of Circle Officers with their addresses and reporting same to Head Quarters. The Treasurer is also responsible for the timely submission of the annual Registered Charity Information Return to the Canada Revenue Agency. A second officer shall be appointed by the executive to be a signer on behalf of the organization along with the Treasurer..
  • Sec. 7.     The Past President shall chair the Nominating Committee and in conjunction with the President select two other members from different Circles to form this committee.
  • Sec. 8.     The Director of the Around the World Department shall encourage interest in and support Around the World projects. This Director shall submit a biennial report to the Branch Convention.
  • Sec. 9.     The Director of the Junior Department shall encourage the formation of Junior Circles and the development of programmes to encourage participation by junior members in the Branch. This Director shall submit a biennial report to the Branch Convention.
  • Sec.10..    The Director of Membership shall strengthen membership, encourage the recruitment of new members and assist in forming new Circles. This Director shall submit a biennial report to the Branch Convention.
  • Sec.11.     The Historian shall compile items of interest relating to the progress of the Order in the Branch. The Historian shall attempt to gather materials and records of past events for safekeeping. This Director shall submit a biennial report to the Branch Convention.
  • Sec. 1.     The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected Branch Officers, Past Branch President, and the appointed Directors and shall transact all business of the Branch in the interim of Convention. In case of death, disability or resignation of a member of the Executive, they shall have power to appoint a successor.
  • Sec. 2.     The Convention Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Branch plus such other members including the Convention Treasurer as appointed by the President. This Committee shall be responsible for organizing the biennial Branch Convention . This Committee will select its chairperson at its first meeting. This Committee will have responsibility for registration, resolutions and courtesies. The Committee Chairperson shall appoint a Convention Treasurer who is responsible for receiving donations, collecting registration fees, paying Convention expenses and presenting a report to the Convention. Any surplus funds raised at convention will be turned over to the Ontario Branch Treasurer.

These By-Laws may be amended, or added to, at any convention of the Branch by a two-thirds vote of the voting delegates present, provided said amendment is presented in writing at one meeting, action on same being deferred until a succeeding business meeting of the Convention. Proposed amendments to the By-Laws must be sent to the Committee Chairperson and the Branch President.


Almighty God, Eternal Father, look with Thy favour upon The King’s Daughters and Sons and bless us for good in the land. Accept the hearty desires we bring to Thee for Thy service, and employ our ministrations in whatever duty we can be of greatest use. Make us everywhere true to the sign we wear, and to stand as thine handmaidens and soldiers of old, by the cross of the Saviour. By purity and honour and unselfish behaviour may we keep ever true our allegiance to Jesus, and seek to labour not for self, but for others.

 “IN HIS NAME.” Amen


Eternal and Loving God, inspire and strengthen The King’s Daughters and Sons to grow in Your Love. Open our hearts to seek Your will in all we say and do. As we strive to serve those far and near, help us to reflect Your Holy and Loving Spirit. May we fulfill Your will and mirror the presence and power of Jesus Christ. Keep us faithful to the cross we wear.