Camp Kalideoscope


The King’s Daughters & Sons (Ottawa City Union) are supporting Children at Risk so they may offer an all Day Summer Camp for children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) for the Summer of 2014. Plans are again for 5 weeks of Camp this summer!

Individuals with any level of Autism have difficulty with Summer Camps due to their social and communication deficits as well as their unique behavioural challenges. Add in “Severe” Autism and “High Needs” and the situation is immeasurable in complexity. To adequately service the target clientele the camp needs to be a “specialized camp”.


Children at Risk’s objectives with a Specialized Camp is to provide a recreational camp which, through expertise and proven techniques, will accommodate the deficits of autism such as communication, socialization and behaviour seamlessly whilst allowing the Camper to have the stimulation, excitement and fun that summer camp is renowned for and an understated right of any child regardless of the severity of their disability. Too often children with severe Autism are denied access to programs and/or if access is granted, the parent must pay extra to send a 1:1 worker. This discriminates against a child with higher needs and penalizes both the child and their family by not having this opportunity that is available for typically-developing children!